Experienced engineer, entrepreneur, photographer and freelancer in the film industry. Gained cultural intelligence through living, studying and working in 9 different countries on 3 continents. Developed marketing strategies for Tesla Motors, SAB Miller and SoftBank. Received awards in architecture and portrait photography. Has a wide-ranging portfolio of motion picture work. Excelled in creating successful commercials and worked on television shows budgeted up to 100 million USD.

Photography: Created magazine covers and excelled in portrait and architectural photography.
Filmography: Worked on major shows such as "The Alienist" for TNT and "The Terror" for AMC as a VFX on-set wrangler. Currently filming an upcoming Netflix movie in the UK.
Television: Been a camera operator on local Hungarian television shows such as TV2's the "Piramis" or Duna's "Fábry".

Levente works worldwide and regularly in Budapest, Hungary.