Levente is best known for his Emmy Award-winning work on The Alienist (2018). He was born in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, but he has spent many years living and working abroad. Although he graduated in robotics and also holds an MBA, he has always been interested in visual projects, especially in making movies. He started off with commercials and corporate videos and only later he became involved in major film productions. He received awards in architecture and portrait photography. Has a wide-ranging portfolio of motion picture work. Excelled in creating successful commercials and worked on television shows budgeted up to 100 million USD.

Photography: Created magazine covers and excelled in portrait and architectural photography.
Filmography: Worked on feature films and major TV shows such as "The Alienist" for TNT and "The Terror" for AMC as a VFX on-set wrangler. Currently filming an upcoming Netflix movie.
Television: Been a camera operator on local Hungarian television shows such as TV2's the "Piramis" or Duna's "Fábry".

Levente works worldwide and regularly in Budapest, Hungary.